Ruth Goodman Contemporary Artist 'I believe that art is therapy'
Ruth GoodmanContemporary Artist 'I believe that art is therapy'


For many years I’ve been fascinated by art, its history and development to the present day. I began my own journey of creative self-discovery having been inspired by the works of well-known and lesser-known artists and designers. I work in my favourite medium of acrylic on box canvases. 

I enjoy photography and work mainly from photographs that I have taken or been given. I then use my ipad to enlarge these photographs in order to achieve the detail.


I studied art as part of my B.Ed degree at the University of Hertfordshire from 1984 - 1987


On leaving university I became a primary school teacher and developed a creative approach to teaching young children and adults. I currently take workshops to promote art as a form relaxation and midfuness 


I continued to study art at my own level through attending courses in ceramics, photography, life drawing, wood carving and painting.


In 2012 I joined The Hertfordshire Visual Arts Forum where I hold the role of schools liasion 


In 2012 I was selected by a panel to join The Association of Animal Artists.


I joined the Barnet Guild of Artists in 2015.


I have achieved distinction in a Diploma in Art Therapy 


Studying Masters in Art Therapy