Ruth Goodman Contemporary Animal Artist
Ruth GoodmanContemporary Animal Artist


A commission of a beloved pet makes a great present for a special person or a wonderful painting for your home or office

My realistic animal portraits capture the characteristics of these special creatures, whether it be a unique painting of a beloved pet or a wild/domestic animal that you admire.


I am happy to create paintings or ink line drawings to your requirements. Take a look around this site and maybe you will find something that already matches your taste or inspires you to work with me on a new creation.


I take commissions for pets that are a beautiful and unique memory that lasts for a lifetime. These can be painted especially for you or as a gift for a loved one.

I can also create individual works of art for your office. You can make a personal statement with one of my works in the reception area or maybe in a meeting room.

I am happy to paint any pet animal as a gift for a loved one or to hang on your own wall.


See price guide and sizes.


Lead time is approx 4 - 8 weeks


25% deposit is required when ordering. Remaining payment is due once the painting is complete and you are happy with the end product. The outstanding costs are then invoiced. Upon receipt of payment, I will arrange delivery of the finished painting.



Portraits are delivered by post, by the artist or can be collected in person

Here are some of my recent commissions