Ruth Goodman Contemporary Artist 'I believe that art is therapy'
Ruth GoodmanContemporary Artist 'I believe that art is therapy'

I consider art to be a form of therapy. The process of creating art can unlock healing and therputic powers in us all.

Ever since I was a small child I have been fascinated by creatures for their beauty, feel, shape, size and texture. Animals bring a certain presence to a place or situation and you can't help but admire them.


I am fascinated by their characters and behaviour. Creatures can be depicted as magical spirit guides who can give us a deeper insight into our own lives. I often turn to animals for guidance through my deck of animal spirit cards. 


I am also drawn to found objects, often incororating them into collages that include a creature to give a deeper meaning and message.


Currently, I am embarking on my Masters in Art Therapy which I hope will support me to explore my own mental health and support others to experience the healing power of art.


I hope that you like my work and that you'll take the opportunity to visit my online gallery.